Why You Should Continue Your Holiday Job Hunting

The holiday season is the time of year meant for food, family, and friends. We think of decorative lights, snow, presents, and all the things that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Usually not on that warm and fuzzy list is a job search.

Who wants to worry about a job search when you could be spending that time hanging out by the fire sipping on some hot cocoa with your loved ones? When considering a job search like an actual job, you probably want to allow yourself a well-deserved holiday vacation. But you also know that time not spent on the job hunt is more time spent unemployed. Not to worry, this is not a time to stress!

Use the holiday spirit to amp up your job search. Hiring managers will be getting ready to wrap up the year and the hirings will picking up quick before the slow down. These busy managers are probably looking forward to the same fun festivities as you are so take advantage of the season’s good sentiment. This is a time when most job hunters are on hiatus which allows you more opportunities.

For a season that comes around just once a year you should take this chance to get creative with your hunting approaches. For example, when you’re writing out your greeting cards, include hiring managers on that list as well. Just like thank you notes are meant to make a lasting impression post-interview, a friendly greeting card helps set a positive tone for your first one. Remember to show your social networks some digital holiday attention too.

What’s a holiday season without holiday parties? Take any and all opportunities to be someone’s plus one at his or her holiday party. This is a great chance to network with a little less pressure than at a formal networking event. Company parties are where people are relaxed and focus on having fun which sets an ideal setting to form friendships and connections. The key is keeping it as casual as possible. Hand out a few business cards, but leave your resume and cover letter at home. Aggressive networking at a holiday party will leave a worse taste in people’s mouths than spoiled egg nog.

The idea of having to push forward with job searching efforts over the holidays shouldn’t be one to cringe over. It’s actually one of the best times to job because you get to switch it up from your normal routine. When people are generally in higher spirits during the holidays, it almost doesn’t make sense to put you job search on pause. Sometimes, the best presents aren’t wrapped under a tree.