Why Specifics Matter In The Job Search

A job search is successful when a candidate and the company are a compatible match. Creating these perfect connections all starts with you, the job seeker. You have to know the kinds of jobs you want and know you’ll be good for in terms of how appealing you’ll be as a candidate for those positions.

Put yourself in the place of the employer and ask whether you would hire yourself. Better yet, ask why you wouldn’t. Getting down to the details not only in your resume, but your search tactics will help make the most of your efforts. You should apply to every job with the feeling that you’ll get serious consideration, if not an offer.

The following are three areas of your job search where specifics are especially important and why:

Read through every line of your resume and compare it to the job description. Try to make what you can offer as closely as possible to what they’re asking for. They only thing that interests employers is how relevant your background is to the job. In order to seriously consider you, they have to believe that you’ll be able to do the job well. Be sure to include keywords from the job description in your resume to give yourself a better chance of being selected. This way, even if it gets scanned by a robot first it’s sure to be passed on to human eyes.

The interview is your time to shine. The interviewer wants to get to know the person behind the paper. You’ll want to avoid making it all about you, though. Keep the conversation focused on things you’ve done related to the job and show off your knowledge while you’re at it. Of course, give specifics with each point you provide. Give them details about a situation that you had to handle and how you resolved the situation.

Thank you note
A customized thank you note is a great way to close the deal. A good first impression is only as good as the last. If you had a rough start or ending, the interviewer is going to remember the worst of the two the most. A good thank you note will touch on the things you discussed in the interview. It’s also a good chance to mention things you wish you had said in the interview. Avoid “overdoing it” in the note, you want the interviewer to remember you in a good way.