What Questions to Ask in an Interview

Employers want to know a little more about your passion for their work. The questions you ask display your passion and curiosity. As an added bonus, those enable to you to help highlight your skills too.

You’ll want to ask at least three questions before you end the interview. Here’s a couple popular examples:

What Do You Consider a Success?

Understand how this company will grade your work, and point out how much value you’ll deliver.

  • Question: What’s the biggest challenge I’ll face in this position?
  • Question: Could you describe the company’s culture?
  • Question: What’s one goal I should hit in the first 30 days?

What’s Coming Down The Pipeline?

Every applicant should research their prospective employer long before the interview starts. When you sit down to talk, you should know where the company is and how it works. But you may not know what’s in store for this company in 5+ years.

These questions help you peer into the future.

  • Question: What’s a top goal for the company in the next year?
  • Question: I’ve read your recent press release about [Issue X]. What does it

What’s Your Trajectory?

The perfect company should give you the chance to advance, learn, and grow from a single job to a full career. You may not see those opportunities in the job description, so you’ll have to vet them out in your interview.

  • Question: Are there opportunities for advancement?
  • Question: What’s the typical career path for someone in this job?

Getting Personal With Interviewer

Interview groups could be made up of future coworkers. You might be talking to your potential boss, and making a connection could be critical to success. Keep your questions professional, but consider these.

  • Question: What was your career path at this company?
  • Question: What do you like the most about working here?
  • Question: Will we be working together?

Examples by Job Type

Some questions apply to almost any industry you can think of, but others are tied specifically to your industry. A certain level to detail demonstrates that you’re a professional and capable of working in your field.

Here are sample questions for a few top industries.

  • Retail: Which item if your best seller?
  • Nursing: What attributes are necessary to thrive in this unit?
  • Sales: How much flexibility will I have in negotiating with my customers?
  • Marketing: What’s a marketing channel you think you’re currently underutilizing? What’s holding you back?
  • Receptionist: How many phone calls do you get in an average day? How fast can you type?
  • Customer service: What’s the most common complaint clients mention?

Interview Questions To Never Ask

There are some questions that should never come up during your interview, even if you’re itching to know the answers.

  • How much will I get paid? Is the salary negotiable? Can I freelance?  Asking this now means putting money into the conversation too early.
  • Do you have a break room? Will I have my own office? Just don’t ask about these things now.
  • Can I work from home? Do you have flex time? Negotiate your hours with a firm job offer in hand.