Getting Fired Is Just Like Breaking Up

Getting fired is no joke, it really feels like a break-up. How you feel afterward will probably depend on how much you loved or hated working there. It’s like comparing it to a relationship, being harder to move on from a relationship you felt happy in than the one where breaking up was the only thing that you thought about. It may come as a surprise, but you might have seen the signs. Whatever the case, it is here now.

Are you feeling lost? That’s perfectly normal. Let’s start with the first step.

1. Know that you’re not the only one

Getting fired might make you feel like a complete loser. However, there’s no need for that. It happens to everyone, and the majority of people have been fired at least once and everyone got through a break up at least once. These are the moments when you feel all alone, but that’s not the reality. Many people are going through that at this exact moment. And guess what? Everyone got through it somehow. You will get through it as well.

2. Where did it go wrong?

After every break-up, you’ll probably try to pinpoint the moment when it all started. What was the moment that sent things on a downward spiral? Sometimes it’s hard to know the exact reason, but sometimes you’ll know it clearly. It may be your fault, and it might have nothing to do with you. Whatever the case, you can use it as a learning experience. Especially if it really was your fault. You’ll know not to repeat that mistake again.

3. Accept the situation

Give yourself time to process what actually happened. A million things will go through your head. With time, it will simmer down. And when that happens, next comes acceptance. You come to terms with what just happened. After all the turmoil, you know that this is how things are for now and you can only go forward. Pick up the pieces and concentrate on what’s ahead of you.

4. Work on yourself

Now’s the time to focus on yourself. You have some experience, go and learn a new skill that will make you better than you were. You are a never-ending project, now take some time to work on yourself. The more you learn and the more you improve, the happier you’ll be. People after a break-up often change up their appearance. Why is that? In order to feel better about themselves, and get that confidence back. This isn’t that different. You want to feel better, more competent and attract new potential employers.

5. Ready, steady, go.

It’s time to put yourself out there. If you’re still not sure what is the career path you want to take, it is okay to give yourself some time until you figure it out, but don’t wait for too long. You can volunteer in order to get some experience and a direction. Don’t force yourself into something you don’t want to do. Start with a new job search and be optimistic. It doesn’t always work out from the very first try, but persistence is what will get you places.

Getting fired is a break-up in its own kind of way and getting over it isn’t that different. It’s all about figuring out what actually happened, accepting it and growing from it.