Get a Retail Job During the Holidays

Do you remember what your first job was? Chances are likely that at an early point in your working days you played a role in the retail industry. That’s the great thing about retail, it allows everyone a fair shot at gaining some working experience.

If you have never worked in the retail industry, it’s something that should be given some consideration. With the holiday season right around the corner, major retailers and courier companies are hiring in masses to prepare.

The current unemployment rate is still at 7.9 percent. The 4.8 million unemployed Americans out there will be looking to the holiday hiring’s to brighten the season’s dark days. This year’s seasonal hiring’s don’t have high expectations, but they are expected to surpass numbers from last year.

Whether you’re one of those unemployed millions or simply want some extra cash for the holiday shopping, a retail job might just be what you’re looking for. Here are some of the things that retailers will be looking for from candidates wanting to take advantage of one of the many gifts brought by the holiday season.

1) Genuine enthusiasm.

Working during the holidays can be pretty demanding. Companies want people who are eager to do a good job. Candidates who show that they are ready and willing to work hard will have a better chance of being considered for the job.

2) Be punctual.

Jobs in the retail industry are usually structured in shifts. In order for operations to go smoothly, transitioning between shifts need to be as seamless as possible. Proper scheduling allows everyone a fair chance at doing their job well. Be on time to interviews and appointments both in-persona or over the phone.

3) Visit the company’s websites.

Since companies anticipate masses of people inquiring about positions, they will most likely implement their hiring process online. This will make it easier for the applicants to have instant access to the applications and for companies to manage them all.

4) Flexibility.

Holiday hours extend much longer than normal working hours. Being open to work during the early or late-night hours will make you a much for desirable candidate. Candidates who specify that they can only be scheduled during certain hours will more than likely get passed over for someone who is less picky.

5) Sell your goodies.

If you have certain experience such as volunteer work or have a particular interest in food, for example, then consider applying to places that value that. Retail is a good industry for those who enjoy working closely with people and volunteer work is a good demonstration of that. If you’re really computer savvy, try applying at places like Best Buy or Fry’s Electronics.