Common Interview Mistakes You Never Want to Make

It’s a fact of life that mistakes happen to everyone. And even though they are unavoidable, they can oftentimes be preventable. We can try to do as much damage control as we want but when it comes to doing them in an interview, the situation is out of your hands. At that point, there’s really no return.

Whether you simply don’t know or think that it’s not a big deal, there are certain mistakes that can ruin your chances of ever getting hired. Here are some of the major ones that will prolong your job search:
1) Answering your call or texting
Being on your phone in any kind of situation that involves interacting with other people can be rude, unless it’s important of course. In an interview setting, the most important thing is keeping the interest and attention of the interviewer. Of course, that has to be reciprocated. If you’re more concerned with who your friend saw while they were out, you can be assured that you won’t be answering any calls from a potential employer.
2) Seeming bored
You can’t pull off being interested in getting a position if you aren’t enthusiastic about it during the interview. Even if you aren’t bored, you want to take every measure to look excited about being there. Your resume and cover letter passed the test of making a good first impression. The interview is your chance to bring it home, don’t let it slip away by being unaware of your facial expression.
3) Wrong attire
Companies will have their own look and feel. In some cases, dressing up isn’t the right look. It’s always a good idea to ask the interviewer what the appropriate kind of attire is to wear. They can also tell you what other materials they’ll want you to bring. Getting a job is like a test. The hiring manger won’t just give you the answers. If you’re unsure, this is definitely something you’ll want to clarify.
4) Too sure of yourself
Don’t confuse confidence with being arrogant. It’s extremely hard to seem friendly when you have an attitude that you’re the best thing to walk through the doors. Hiring managers want to make sure that you’ll be a good fit for the company and a major part of that is how well you’ll get along with the rest of the team. Maybe you are the most qualified for the position, but let your qualifications speak for you instead of boasting.
5) Making previous employers look bad
Whether you’ve had a bad experience or are at a competitor of a former employer, bad mouthing of any sort is bad form. It looks very bad on your character to leave one employer only to start tarnishing their name to others. Talking down about employers will send a red flag to an interviewer because it shows that you have no problem pointing fingers and spreading the word. Not a good trait to advertise.
6) Gum chewing
There are plenty of other ways you can keep your breath smelling fresh. Gum chewing is very inappropriate for a professional setting. Even if you are interviewing at a relaxed place, chewing gum still looks bad.