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At AT&T, they know great things happen when talent and opportunity cross paths. Connecting the world through the latest tech, top-of-the-line communications and the best in entertainment is what they do.


Party every day – Your work gets rewarded with competitive compensation and benefits.

Save on swag – You’ll get discounted access to the latest and greatest AT&T products and services – plus other awesome items, like tickets to live events.

Get “you” time – On top of paid holidays, chill out with paid time off (PTO) that you can spend any way you want.

Upgrade your skill set – Training and development programs are your ticket to expert status in your job.

Graduate to what’s next – They can help you out on approved education costs with their tuition assistance plan.

Stuff your piggy bank – When the day comes that you get some Rest & Relaxation, you’ll know your future is set with the AT&T Retirement Savings Plan (ARSP). Know you’re covered – You and your family get access to excellent medical, dental and vision insurance options.


Career Opportunities

Call Center – You’ll be the voice of a global company. What’s on the line? The chance to put your customer service skills to work and endless opportunities for your career.

Content and Entertainment Jobs – Behind the scenes, the Content & Entertainment team connects their customers. From securing broadcast rights, to the production and promotion of television shows, you’ll be in the limelight as a key part of the process.

Corporate – This is where it all happens. The next big idea. The newest innovation. And the brilliant people who take the lead and
support their businesses.

Government Support – When our government needs the latest and greatest, they’re ready to respond. They connect more than 1,200 agencies to expert Engineers, IT and Cyber Security professionals who make sure our nation’s networks run without a glitch.

Retail – Customers will count on you to be an expert on the newest technology and entertainment.

Sales – Shake hands with leaders from businesses to households, meeting their needs and signing on the dotted line.

Technician – Connect customers in your community to the latest tech and services in opportunities that are as wide as the open road.